How to Decorate Glass Jars

by Maria Pettersson

Really cool glass jars to keep candy, jewelry, stones, yes whatever you want in!


Step 1

You need clean glass jars.

Step 2

If you want to you can use sandpaper to make the surface of the lid less "slippery".

Step 3

Pick suitable plastic animals, they can't be bigger than the lid.

Step 4

Use a glue gun to attach the plastic animals to the lid.

Step 5

Look at that, the frog is attached to the lid :-)

Step 6

Now you need some color, a spray can. I used silver!

Step 7

Put the lids on some kind of cover, preferably you should be outside. The smell is strong! Then you just spray away! From all angles.

Step 8

All silvery!!

Step 9

I put some candy in my jars, on my sons birthday party his friends are getting candy jars 😋

Step 10

A nice name tag!

Step 11

Look 👍😍 How nice is this! So easy and so much fun❤️