How to Decorate a Room

by Izzy Giovenco

This is 10 steps on how to decorate a room! Enjoy!!


  • A room
  • Paint
  • Furniture
  • Decor
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Chose a room you want to decorate! I choose to decorate my bedroom but you can do another room if you would like!

    Step 2

    Chose a color scheme of your room. I choose black and white but you can do whatever!

    Step 3

    Next you want to paint your walls the color you choose. Remember you do not have to paint the room you are going to decorate!!!

    Step 4

    Add furniture that matches your color scheme.

    Step 5

    Chose the layout of your room. This is how mine is layed out.

    Step 6

    Make an organization system! This is my organization of my heels and the sneakers I wear most often!

    Step 7

    Next make your bed!

    Step 8

    Layer with blankets and pillows to make it more homey and cozy!

    Step 9

    Add lighting for ambiance!

    Step 10

    Make your room personal with photos and decor that you want to look at everyday!