How to Decorate a Graphic 45 Square Tag&Pocket Album

by Marina Blaukitchen

Use Graphic 45 Square Tag&Pocket Album to create wonderful travel albums and projects.


  • 1 #4501286 Square Tag & Pocket Album Kraft
  • 1 #4501368 Safari Adventure 8x8 Pad
  • 1 #4501367 Safari Adventure 6x6 Patterns&Solids Pad
  • 1 #4501371 Banners Safari Adventure Collection
  • 1 #4501375 Journaling and Ephemera Cards
  • 1 #45011372 Chipboard 2
  • 1 #4500843 Washi Tape Set
  • 1 Some bamboo skewers
  • 1 Some paper flowers
  • 1 Some ribbon and cord
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    This is the Graphic 45 Square Tag&Pocket Album we are going to decorate to make a unique album with wonderful Safari Adventure Collection.

    Step 2

    Cut a 6x6 in piece of paper in angle to make a pocket for the inside of the covers.

    Step 3

    Use some double sided tape only on two sides.

    Step 4

    Stick the piece on the back of the cover.

    Step 5

    Cut this lovely strip of elephants to ornate the pocket.

    Step 6

    And glue it on the pocket.

    Step 7

    We will need some 5x5 in papers to partially cover the album pages and some 5x1 in strips more to stick on the pieces of paper as I'll show you later.

    Step 8

    Also need some 5x2 in pieces with rounded corners and inked edges.

    Step 9

    And 4x1 1/2 in pieces.

    Step 10

    For the first page stick a piece of paper with rounded corners.

    Step 11

    Fussy cut and a strip to make an embellishment.

    Step 12

    Step 13

    Glue on the back this two stripes.

    Step 14

    Glue on a green band and then on the piece os paper.

    Step 15

    Add a chipboard.

    Step 16

    For next pages, glue a piece of paper on the page, then the stripe as a band and a piece of washi tape.

    Step 17

    Stick pictures on the tags and some fussy cutting pieces.

    Step 18

    Add some words made with stickers. To get they are perfectly aligned use a rule. Stick the letters on the rule and then place on the paper.

    Step 19

    Step 20

    Add stripes and some embellishment like this piece of banner.

    Step 21

    Add the smaller strip and a word or write a date or comment.

    Step 22

    Put the tags with your photos inside the side pockets.

    Step 23

    To decorate de cover we need some cardstock.

    Step 24

    Make two pieces as shown.

    Step 25

    Chosse a paper to cover the pieces

    Step 26

    Score the paper before gluing.

    Step 27

    Glue the paper on the two pieces.

    Step 28

    We will need some wooden or bamboo skewers.

    Step 29

    Make holes on the two pieces and insert the skewers.

    Step 30

    Fussy cut a tiger and some flowers and plants.

    Step 31

    Cut two skewers to look like the tiger escapes from it cage!

    Step 32

    Select a paper for the back of the cage. Glue the paper on a cardboard. Use glue and foam squares to give dimension to the flowers.

    Step 33

    Step 34

    Glue the cage on the paper.

    Step 35

    Here you can see some layers of paper.

    Step 36

    Add more flowers.

    Step 37

    Step 38

    Ink edges of two chipboards.

    Step 39

    Glue two leaves on left corner.

    Step 40

    Add the chipboard and some paper flowers and a little bow.

    Step 41

    Glue the other chipboard on the top of the cage and add more paper flowers.

    Step 42

    And fussy cut flowers.

    Step 43

    Decorate lower left corner.

    Step 44

    We have finished the album! Next photos show each page.

    Step 45

    Step 46

    Step 47

    Step 48

    Step 49

    Step 50

    Step 51

    Step 52

    Step 53

    Step 54

    Step 55

    Step 56

    Step 57

    Step 58

    Step 59

    Step 60

    Step 61

    Step 62

    Safari Adventure Square Tag&Pocket Album by Marina Blaukitchen, Product by Graphic 45.