How to Decorate a Candy Tin

by Trula R

Transform a tin you would throw away into a gift worthy delight.


  • Various patterned paper
  • 1 Empty candy tin (like Altiods)
  • Double sided tape OR liquid glue
  • 1 Ruler
  • 1 Pair of scissors
  • 1 Pencil
  • Optional: wide ribbon
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Choose a piece of patterned paper that you would like to use as the cover for your tin.

    Step 2

    Flip your paper and your tim over, and trace around the tin. Be careful!

    Step 3

    Carefully cut out the shape that you have traced. Now place your cutout on the cover of your tin to check the fit. Trim it down slightly if needed.

    Step 4

    Lightly wright "top" on the back of your cut out, and set aside for later.

    Step 5

    Using the same paper,trace around your tin again in the same fashion as before.

    Step 6

    Cut it out. If possible, try to cut slightly inside the lines.

    Step 7

    Place your paper in the inside cover of your tin. It won't quite fit snugly inside; it will be slightly too big. Slowly trim it down until......

    Step 8

    It fits snugly inside!

    Step 9

    Labeled this piece "top inside". Set aside.

    Step 10

    Now trace the bottom of your tin onto the same paper. Make sure that the top of your tin is facing upwards as you trace.

    Step 11

    Cut it out, again staying slightly inside your traced lines.

    Step 12

    Trim your paper until it fits snugly inside the bottom of your tin.

    Step 13

    Put a thin layer of double sided tape or glue on the inside bottom of your tin.

    Step 14

    Place the paper that you just cut out (the one that has no writing on it) on the gluey surface. Smooth it down to get rid of any air bubbles and to stick it down.

    Step 15

    Use the same method to stick the paper labeled "top inside" to the inside of the lid.

    Step 16

    Measure the height of your lid. Mine is about a 1/4".

    Step 17

    Draw a line as far from the edge of the paper as your measurement( so mine was a line 1/4" in.)

    Step 18

    Cut on the line to produce a strip as wide as the measurement.

    Step 19

    Now wrap your strip around the lid of your tin to see if it is long enough to wrap all the way around. If not, cut another strip to supplement it.

    Step 20

    Put a thin layer of glue or double sided tape on the rim(for me the red part).

    Step 21

    Wrap your strip around, starting at the back. If you have two strips, you will need to overlap at some point so that the rim is completely covered. Glue down any excess paper you may have.

    Step 22

    With the lid closed, measure the height shown.

    Step 23

    Cut out a strip to march the measurement.

    Step 24

    Using the same technique as before, glue the strip as shown.

    Step 25

    Now open the lid, and take the measurement shown.

    Step 26

    Cut a strip for that measurement.

    Step 27

    Now loosely fit the strip inside the bottom of your tin. If it is too tall, trim it down slightly.

    Step 28

    Glue your strip to the wall of your tin.

    Step 29

    Put a thin layer of glue or double sided tape on the tap of your box.

    Step 30

    Glue down the piece of paper that you labeled "top".

    Step 31

    Your finished box!