How to Cut a Watermelon

by Pete Lozzi

Here's the secret! 💥


  • 1 Watermelon
  • Cutting surface
  • Large Knife
  • Medium Knife
  • Optional Paper Towels
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Using this method, the flesh of the melon never touches the cutting board so flavor from previously cut vegetables (like onions) won't transfer to the watermelon. No more mess and easy to clean up!

    Step 2

    Step 3

    Lay your watermelon on a flat surface suitable for cutting.

    Step 4

    Slice the watermelon down the middle from top to bottom long ways.

    Step 5

    Here are the two halves...

    Step 6

    Now slice the watermelon half lengthwise from end to end.

    Step 7

    Another angle for you.

    Step 8

    Once you've completed this step your have two quarters sliced from and to end.

    Step 9

    Now take your smaller knife and follow the rind through the curve of the watermelon.

    Step 10

    Spin the watermelon around and repeat this step on the other side.

    Step 11

    Be sure your slice separates the watermelon flesh from the rind.

    Step 12

    Slice downward in uniform slices from end to end be sure your slices reach all the way down to the bottom of the rind.

    Step 13

    Using your fingers press the alternating slices in different directions to make easier serving access.

    Step 14

    It should look like this when you're finished.

    Step 15

    Beautiful presentation!

    Step 16

    Won't last long!