How to Crochet... Part 3: Single Crochet

by Mrs. Smile

crocheting is an awesome hobby... i show you how to master the basics :)


  • crochet hook
  • some yarn
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    check out my previous guides for more detail on the supplies... it doesn't take much to start this awesome hobby :)

    Step 2

    this is part 3 of my crochet guides: the single crochet (short: sc) it's a neat and easy stitch for everyone.

    Step 3

    before you start with this stich you must master the slip knot (starting knot) and the foundation chain.

    Step 4

    single crochet can be an actuall row or part of a pattern stitch (more on this in an other guide). we stick with a plain single crochet to get you used to the stich

    Step 5

    first you need your chain... i did 21 chains but you can go with any amount you like (i suggest keeping it small in the beginning)

    Step 6

    wrap the yarn around your left index finger and hold the hook in your right hand. we're going to work from right to left. (i can't hold the yarn AND the hook because i need to hold the camera xD)

    Step 7

    do you get the idea?

    Step 8

    we skip the first chain. that's the last one you made (where my siccors are pointing at)

    Step 9

    we will insert the hook in the little hole right under the loop of the second chain (where my siccors are pointion at)

    Step 10

    insert the hook

    Step 11

    under and around the working yarn (like you did for the chain)

    Step 12

    pull trough your chain (first loop on the hook) now you have two loops on your hook, slightly above your chain

    Step 13

    yarn over and around your hook again just like befor...

    Step 14

    and pull trough both loops on your hook. you now have one loop left on your hook. you just finished your first single crochet :)

    Step 15

    for the next stitch you're going to insert your hook in the next hole of your foundation chain (where the siccors are pointing at)

    Step 16

    yarn around and...

    Step 17

    ... pull trough the first loop... yarn around and...

    Step 18

    ... both remaing loops... you made your second single crochet!!! :)

    Step 19

    keep going till you reach your last chain

    Step 20

    it should look like this when you completed your last single crochet

    Step 21

    then you yarn around again and pull through the loop on your hook

    Step 22

    that's called a turning chain... by doing this you will get a a straight edge all the way up your work

    Step 23

    a turning chain is important to give you a clean and staight edge. but you should count your stitches while you go as well. if you chained 21 (like i did)...

    Step 24

    ... you should have 20 single crochets + 1 chain by the end of the row = 21 again :) pay close attention to catch every chain or your work will be wonky :)

    Step 25

    now you turn your work clockwise. the working yarn should be behind your work

    Step 26

    you don't work trough your turning chain... work trough the top of your first single crochet (where my siccors are pointing at, you know it by now xD)

    Step 27

    carefully put your hook trough both loops on the top... yarn around

    Step 28

    pull trough the two top loops (see them like they would be one loop)... yarn around

    Step 29

    and pull trough both loops on your hook... you finished your first single crochet in the second row :)

    Step 30

    now just keep going till you reach the end... remember to count your stitches... 1 turning chain... turn clockwise and start again :)

    Step 31

    the last stitch can be tricky... but don't miss it... it's right there where the siccors are pointing at, carefull that you catch both loops (front and back) :)

    Step 32

    now get your stuff and practice :) see you for the next part... part 4: double crochet kisses&hugs

    Step 33

    leave me a comment how you liked it :)