How to Create/design Your Very Own Initial(s)

by Csir Em


Step 1

For this guide I used the initial "K" as a sample but you can do this with any letter or letters you want. Now this is only one of many ways to do this. Remember that you're the artist so create.

Step 2

Tools required, markers optional

Step 3

Sorry but I didn't take pics of all the steps. I figured it would be best to show you the actual process on video. I know that we all have different skill levels but that doesn't mean you can't do it

Step 4

Here's the finished pencil sketch

Step 5

Started to trace with fine point marker

Step 6

Here you can see the "K" and some of the detail

Step 7

All traced

Step 8

Just added more detail to the outer part to make the "K" stand out. See how just by adding simple lines make a difference?

Step 9

Almost complete. Just a few more details left

Step 10

All complete. I added curved lined to some of the swirls. Now you can choose to leave as is or add some color or more details if you wish

Step 11

I did this just to show you what else you can do. I didn't like it 😒

Step 12

So I colored it in 😀👍

Step 13

Let me know what you think and if you would like for me to do this on a more simple letter. Give me some letters and I'll pick one