How to Created a Mini Book

by Swirlydoos Kit Club

How to created a mini book using Kaisercraft paper and paper bags


  • Swirlydoos July 2016 Collection
  • paper bags
  • mist
  • stapler
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Kaisercraft Book Sheet. Cut out the two covers.

    Step 2

    Here are the supplies you need. Items are from the Swirlydoos Main Kit, July 2016 Collection. The Add-ons come in the paper bag. or you can use your own

    Step 3

    Cut down the seam of the paper bag. 2.75"x 3.75". These will be your folded pages

    Step 4

    Distress your paper bag pages with water and mist. Crinkle for texture

    Step 5

    Once dry staple together

    Step 6

    take the ruler die cut and fold in half. This will bind the front and back cover together

    Step 7

    glue ruler half to cover

    Step 8

    Glue other cover to back

    Step 9

    Glue front of paper bag to back of front cover. do the same to the back

    Step 10

    this is what it should look like when glues all together.

    Step 11

    glue sentiment to front

    Step 12

    add embellishments

    Step 13

    and your done!