How to Create the Perfect Roast Chicken/ Chicken Skin

by Lou Scott


  • salt
  • garlic powder
  • 2 beef stock cubesor bovril cube
  • 2 chicken stock cubes
  • chicken
  • 700 ml cold water
  • oven proof dish big enough for chicken
  • tinfoil
  • Instructions

    Step 1


    Step 2

    preheat oven for 10 mins at 200c cook chicken for 1 hour

    Step 3

    some oil and a basting brush

    Step 4

    cover chicken in oil

    Step 5

    700 ml of cold water

    Step 6

    add to the oven proof dish

    Step 7

    sprinkle salt over chicken then sprinkle garlic powder and then use 1 oxo beef, 1 oxo chicken cube over the chicken. sprinkle last 2 cubes in the water then mix it in

    Step 8

    cover with tin foil and put in oven

    Step 9

    after 1 hour take the chicken out and take off foil

    Step 10

    empty the water into a jug to use for gravy later then place chicken back in oven uncovered for 25 mins

    Step 11

    and there you have it... enjoy

    Step 12

    for the gravy warm the contents in the microwave for about 2 mins depending on your oven wattage, add gravy granular until it reaches the thickness you desire. I also add a teaspoon of garlic powder.