How to Create Pink Camo Nails

by FabuloCity By Jessica

Hello lovey ladies and boys!! Here I'll teach you the basics of a Camo design. You can choose whatever colors you please and I urge you to make this design your own, have fun and rock your mani!


Step 1

Start with a beige, off white, or sheer white polish.

Step 2

Take a paint brush and make random thick lines throughout the nail. I'm using green, but you can choose what you please 👍

Step 3

Next I used a dark brown and made lines next to the green ones I painted previously.

Step 4

Next I added pink. I didn't use too much because it feel too much pink will be overwhelming and dominate the design. We don't want that 😉

Step 5

Adding a topcoat will smooth the colors and blend them well.

Step 6

I love accent nails because regardless of where you get your design adding your own accent nail will add a pop of individuality to any mani. 💥

Step 7

Please be aware I know my cuticles are in bad shape. I use a blend of argon oil, vitamin E, and coconut oil. However I suffer from Onychophagia. I've been doing well but had a minor setback. 👎