How to Create Passion Tea Sorbet

by Kelsey Eliason

Tazo Passion tea is amazing hot and steamy. But you can also get your passion on during hot summer days with frigid Passion Sorbet.


  • 12 Tazo Passion tea bags
  • 2 Cups Sugar
  • ½ Cups Lemon or Lime juice
  • 4 ¼ Cups Water
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Unbag your tea. Get ready for the most epic sorbet ever.

    Step 2

    Bring water and sugar to boil in a big saucepan. Then dial back that burner until you have a nice simmer going. Don't stir that baby until the sugar has dissolved.

    Step 3

    Once the water is clear again, add your tea bags. I recommend tying it in a bunch for easy removal later. Thinkin' ahead, you know?

    Step 4

    Let the passion build for 15-17 minutes until you have a nice red color going in the pot.

    Step 5

    When the passion has reached its optimal level of intensity, go ahead and pull the tea bags out, squeezing every last drop into the pot. Add lemon or lime juice Refrigerate that bad boy.

    Step 6

    When the passion is chilled, it's time to spin it. Throw the carmine liquid into your ice cream maker, following its instructions. I usually spin for a half hour, but check on it every five minutes.

    Step 7

    When the consistency is close to that of a thick smoothie, turn that sucker off.

    Step 8

    Working quickly, scoop your passion sorbet into a freezer friendly ice cream container and shove it into the farthest reaches of your freezer. Let it firm a bit, then enjoy!