How to Create Miniature Magician Wands

by Katie Z.

In this Snapguide I'll show you how to create miniature magician wands by using toothpicks... Easy peasy, not difficult to make...


  • Round Toothpicks
  • Black Gesso/Acrylic Paint
  • White Acrylic Paint/White Marker Pen
  • Nail File/Fine Sandpaper
  • Fine Tip Brush
  • Scissor
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Choose toothpicks that are round which usually come with sharp pointed ends... Gather your supplies... A list can be shown on the bottom left-hand corner of this guide...

    Step 2

    Paint the toothpicks with black gesso/black acrylic paint... Depends on what look you want, black gesso will give a matte finishing while acrylic paint will give a glossy finishing...

    Step 3

    Leave to dry... There's isn't a need to cover the entire toothpick as the ends will be cut off...

    Step 4

    Use a pair of heavy duty scissor, trim off both the ends of the toothpicks...

    Step 5

    Flatten and smooth the ends by filing them onto a nail filer or fine sandpaper...

    Step 6

    Apply the ends with white acrylic paint with a brush... Or use a white marker pen if preferred...

    Step 7

    Place the toothpicks on an elevated surface to dry... I'm using my Tim Holtz scissor here for this...

    Step 8

    And once they are dried, here are your miniature Magician wands!!!

    Step 9

    The Magician wands are small enough that you can placed them into a matchbox... Refer to my blog ( for a separate tutorial in how to alter a matchbox into a Magician suitcase...

    Step 10

    Here is my Magician matchbox which houses wands from "The Man who Knows" as part of my Venetian Masquerade Carnival Curio Shoppe project (link here: