How to Create Memes Using GIMP

by MikeL • ¶

How I create Memes using free GNU GIMP image editor.


  • 1 GIMP 2.8.8
  • 1 Meme Template
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Select [Text Tool].

    Step 2

    [Expand] to desirable size.

    Step 3

    [Type] something into created field.

    Step 4

    [Select All] and [Change Font] to Impact Condensed. [Change Size] to desirable and [Change Color] to white if needed.

    Step 5

    [RMC] (Right Mouse Click) on the selected text and choose [Path from Text] from the menu.

    Step 6

    Click [Select] from the top menu bar and choose [From Path].

    Step 7

    Now you see that my text is selected. Again I click on [Select] from top menu and choose [Grow].

    Step 8

    Grow selection by 3 or 4 points.

    Step 9

    Now select [Zoom Tool] and zoom into selection by dragging a rectangle around the text.

    Step 10

    Select the [Bucket Fill Tool] and make sure that [Primary Color] is black if text is white and Vice Versa. Also fill spots inside letters.

    Step 11

    Select [None] from [Select] menu on top.

    Step 12

    [Zoom Out]

    Step 13

    Now choose the [Move Tool] and move text to any desirable position.

    Step 14

    Then click the [Layers Dialog] tab in the top right corner. [RMC] on the layer with text and choose [Merge Down].

    Step 15

    Got to fix a little missed spot with a [Pencil Tool].

    Step 16

    Now click [File] and [Export] then choose file type and quality.

    Step 17

    [Quit] GIMP.