How to Create Layers With Rebekah Meier Mixed Media Foils

by Milagros C Rivera

Using the new Rebekah Meier design line by Thermoweb you'll be able to achieve textures, layers and shine in all your projects! Pair it along her TCW stencils!


  • Thermoweb MM adhesive sheets
  • Thermoweb MM transfer foil
  • Thermoweb MM Medium
  • TCW stencils
  • Dina Wakley paint
  • Gel press
  • TCW black modeling paste
  • Needle and thread
  • Thermoweb MM art tape
  • Pan pastels
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Gather your supplies and let's have some fun!

    Step 2

    Using a brayer add a layer of paint on the gel plate over the stencil

    Step 3

    Reverse word Stencils so they print legibly!

    Step 4

    First print! The paper has a beautiful texture and grabs the paint like a dream

    Step 5

    Measure the MM art tape

    Step 6

    Using the MM art tape use the sticky side and adhere to your stencil

    Step 7

    Apply foil, shiny side up over your stencil

    Step 8

    Reveal the gorgeousness

    Step 9

    Using pan pastels rub the rest of the exposed sticky side

    Step 10


    Step 11

    Do some basic stitches to adhere your tape

    Step 12

    Step 13

    Stitch them all

    Step 14

    Draw the stems

    Step 15

    Use black modeling paste to accent your piece

    Step 16

    Add words

    Step 17

    Go over the flowers with your mixed media medium on the stencil. Use a heat gun to dry

    Step 18

    Apply your foil over the dried medium

    Step 19

    See the magic unfold you know have a two tone bloom!

    Step 20

    Step 21

    Repeat with the stems

    Step 22

    Here you can see the different shades vintage tin and new Penny foils offer

    Step 23

    Step 24

    Hope I gave you some ideas on how to play with the awesome Rebekah Meier Designs for Thermoweb! Stay tuned for more on my blog