How to Create Dimension & Texture Using Sculpture Medium

by Toni Burks-Grijalva

Using Sculpture Medium on your textiles allows for a wonderful dimension on your projects and provides different opportunities for your paints and sprays.


  • *Metal Effects - Gold
  • *Velvet - Limeaid, Lagoon, Reef, Frost
  • *Sorbet - Cayman
  • *Colorations-Timeless, Avocado, Indigo, Peacock
  • *Coloratins-Ink Spot, Waimea
  • *Gemstone-Blue Topaz
  • *Fairy Dust-Gilded Gold
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Using Paper Clay which air dries overnight, create some embellishments for your canvas using Prima Art Decor Moulds.

    Step 2

    Here the my embellies just waiting to be altered and added to projects.

    Step 3

    Take a nice amount of cheesecloth and add your sculpture medium to it. I would suggest to use gloves because it can be kind of difficult to get off your hands.

    Step 4

    As the medium starts to dry mold your textile in the shape you would like to to be once it is completely dry. I created butterfly wings here.

    Step 5

    Using E6000 glue is wonderful for adding your embellies to projects. I give it a bit of hot glue just to assist in holding in place while the E6000 is drying.

    Step 6

    Add some more cheesecloth to the edges of your canvas. Allow to dry.

    Step 7

    To add a bit of different dimension, take some straws, cut in different lengths and adhere to the bottom of your canvas.

    Step 8

    Prep your surface with black gesso, midstream through this process I changed my mind and should have only prepped with black on one portion and the other apply white gesso.

    Step 9

    Step 10

    Here is where I changed my mind and decided I wanted the upper portion lighter, I then added white gesso in thick peaks for more texture.

    Step 11

    This is the color palette I decided upon. When applying the colors I applied paint first allowed to dry and then sprayed with coordinating sprays for a pretty sheen

    Step 12

    Lighting add some black gesso to the wings, but not too much, we want the wings to stand out on the canvas.

    Step 13

    First colors of paint and sprays are applied.. Oh soooo pretty. Look at that shimmer.

    Step 14

    Gradually the colors got lighter and lighter.

    Step 15

    Yummy greens applied.

    Step 16

    Finishing up with Golds.

    Step 17

    For the body of the butterfly I decided to use a glass vial. Add Glossy accents to one side of the vial and add your sequins in like they are spilling out. Allow to dry.

    Step 18

    I then realized the wings blended too much to the canvas and didn't show up well, so I dry brushed with black gesso the entire canvas all around the butterfly to provide shadows.

    Step 19

    It helped alot with making the butterfly pop more on the canvas.

    Step 20

    My title was going to be on white chipboard so I wanted to incorporate a bit of white, so take your white paint watered down and splatter it on your canvas.

    Step 21

    So pretty !

    Step 22

    Let's make some antennas out of fishing wire, cut, add glossy accents and sprinkle gold German glitter. Allow to dry, adhere to vial lid of butterfly body.

    Step 23

    And there is my homage to springtime. Hope you were inspired to get your fingers messy with your mediums.

    Step 24

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    Step 25

    Step 26

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    Step 27