How to Create Custom Curtains for a Kid's Room!

by Emily McLemore


  • Curtains
  • Acrylic paint
  • Plastic bottles
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    My curtains of choice were cheap white ones from Walmart. Any color would work.

    Step 2

    3 shades of acrylic paint plus some glitter paint!

    Step 3

    Plastic bottles with different shaped bottoms!

    Step 4

    Pour some paint and some glitter onto a paper plate. You need a puddle to work with, not the entire bottle!

    Step 5

    Practice pressing a bottle into paint and stamping it on paper or canvas prior to working on the curtain!

    Step 6

    Yes, it is so easy and not too messy that a 3 year old can do this successfully with guidance and supervision.

    Step 7

    Love the overlapping design!

    Step 8

    When you are comfortable with the process, lay out the curtain on top of a remnant piece of fabric or an old tshirt.

    Step 9

    Stamp the fabric. FYI: if you have a lot of paint on the bottom of the bottle, it WILL bleed. However, these are kid created for a kid room, I liked to loose look of the prints.

    Step 10


    Step 11

    The centers were stamped with a cork.

    Step 12

    First panel.

    Step 13

    A couple of tips: less is more. I had to remind the stampers that we wanted to see white. Also, as soon as you are finished, hang the wet curtain. It's the perfect place to dry them!

    Step 14

    A finished project! Curtains created by an 8 year old! And what did the 3 year old do?

    Step 15

    She painted a masterpiece!

    Step 16

    Isn't it great!

    Step 17

    And then we had left over paint that HAD to be used!

    Step 18

    Artwork for her room that matches her curtains! Oh yeah, that's why you are here!...

    Step 19

    Done. Enjoy!