How to Create Crayon Art

by Natalie Perry

How to make your very own crayola art for under 10 bucks


  • 64 Box of crayola crayons
  • Hair dryer
  • Canvas
  • Optional- black acrylic paint
  • Rubber cement
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Gather your supplies. Start to layout your colors. DO NOT BEGIN TO GLUE THEM DOWN YET!

    Step 2

    I put my crayons in a straight line but you can curve your line. Play with it!

    Step 3

    Good, now they are all laid out. Time to start gluing !

    Step 4

    Using rubber cement, start to brush some glue onto your canvas. One at a time, start to place your crayons in the same order.

    Step 5

    Repeat, repeat, repeat!

    Step 6

    BE careful not to add too much rubber cement on your canvas, it can start to dry up a bit...

    Step 7

    After you are done pasting and it has dried for an hour or so(better safe than sorry!) get your hair dryer

    Step 8

    Turn it on and start to blow the hot air on an area. You can see the crayons are starting to melt a bit

    Step 9

    Look! (Sorry about the blurry-ness 😳)

    Step 10

    I used a plastic bag to set off an area for my people. This is completely optional

    Step 11

    Using black paint begin to paint a couple with an umbrella. Be creative!!!

    Step 12

    Now your done! Enjoy your art!!!