How to Create Christmas Decoration Using LEGO

by Martin Storbeck


  • Decorative artificial snow
  • Spray glue
  • Tray or some other base
  • LEGO Christmas models
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    This is all about making some fun decoration for Christmas with your kids.

    Step 2

    Choose a tray or something else as a base

    Step 3

    These came in two differen sizes that were 40x40 and 40x25 square centimeters

    Step 4

    You also need decorative artificial snow.

    Step 5

    Use spray glue to put the artificial snow on the base.

    Step 6

    Here comes the fun part: Build some Christmas LEGO models. There is a special collection, but you can also imagine your own Christmas village.

    Step 7

    In case you want to buy LEGO Christmas models, the model numbers so far are: 10199, 10216, 10222 & 10229. Or download the original instructions from if you have enough bricks.

    Step 8

    Start putting your models on the bases

    Step 9

    We also added some fake trees in the back

    Step 10

    Soon you'll have a growing village that looks great, kids have fun building more stuff and like playing with it

    Step 11

    You can spread these decorative items in the house!

    Step 12

    Put them anywhere you like!

    Step 13

    There will be no mess because the decorative artificial snow is glued to the base.

    Step 14

    You can even take it apart after Christmas and have a new tradition: Building some winter village with your kids in the days before Christmas

    Step 15

    Using a rotating plate you can even make your models spin.

    Step 16

    Step 17

    Step 18

    Step 19

    Happy building!