How to Create Chalkboard Photo Journal of Your Pregnancy

by John-carlos Lozano

Don't be scared to get creative with the photos you take to track your pregnancy. You can do it, I'll show you how.


  • 1 Bunch creativity
  • 2 Pinches willingness to try something new
  • 1 Part cooperative pregnant wife or girlfriend
  • large wall that can be painted
  • ΒΌ Gallons chalkboard paint
  • colored chalk
  • White drop cloth
  • 1 camera
  • 1 tripod
  • lighting
  • rags for cleaning
  • access to web
  • illustrator or photoshop to play with fonts
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Go to www.thebump and find your week. This is the info we will use.

    Step 2

    First paint the wall with blackboard paint. You will also need some left over for clean up on your drawing.

    Step 3

    Lots of multi colored chalk, I like thick and thin.

    Step 4

    I used illustrator to play with some font choices and layouts to inspire the text layout

    Step 5

    I looked for some reference of what the baby looked like at 36 weeks. I started with a rough sketch in white.

    Step 6

    I then added color. Notice how the surrounding area around is white, use a wet rag with water to wipe away or fix mistakes.

    Step 7

    Use the small paint brush to clean up the drawing with more chalkboard paint. I added hair to my kid since I could see she look like willie nelson in there.

    Step 8

    I free handed the text on. I lightly used white to get the forms, then played with color.

    Step 9

    I used the black chalkboard paint and small brush to clean up the line work.

    Step 10

    When your drawing is ready it is time to get your equipment set up. I used a white drop cloth and 3 lights.

    Step 11

    Viola! Once you have chosen the right one, take it into your favorite editing program and work your magic. I kept my images at 300 dpi and shot them in raw so I had freedom to blow them up.

    Step 12

    Here is another front view shot we took.