How to Create Black Daisy Nails

by R Haven


  • Black nail varnish
  • Yellow nail varnish
  • White nail varnish
  • Nail art dotter pens/paintbrushes
  • Clear nail varnish
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    These are the things I used for this design :)

    Step 2

    Paint a clear coat on each nail

    Step 3

    Paint a plain black coat on each nail

    Step 4

    Use your dotter tool to create groups of 5 dots around your nail. Also, do some singular dots at the edges of your nail.

    Step 5

    Repeat this step for each nail.

    Step 6

    Use a smaller dotting tool to create little lines/dots on the inside of the white dots as shown.

    Step 7

    Repeat for each nail.

    Step 8

    Place a small blob of yellow in the centre if each cluster of dots.

    Step 9

    Repeat for each nail.

    Step 10

    Use a cotton bud to clean up around your nails.

    Step 11

    Repeat on the other hand.

    Step 12

    Now you have some cool daisy nails to show off to all your friends :)