How to Create Background With Sprays, Stencils and Sorbet

by Art Anthology

Creating a 12x12 background with sorbets, Colorations inks sprays, stencils, texture paste and gesso. It measures . It can be cut up to smaller pieces for cards, or maybe a board for home-decorating.


  • Waimea Bay Colorations Color Spray
  • Rustic Colorations Color Spray
  • Siesta Key Colorations Spray
  • French Toast Colorations Color Spray
  • Frost Sorbet Clear Coat
  • Chasing Butterflies Stencil
  • Blocked Stencil
  • Bubbles Stencil
  • Such a Drip Stencil
  • gesso
  • structure paste
  • scrapbook paper white basic
  • Club scrap script stamp
  • Lost Coast Designs Cat stamp
  • White acrylic marker
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Stamp a script randomly onto a 12x12 inches white basic scrapbookpaper. Don't try to fill it all up, and don't stamp the whole stamp at a time.

    Step 2

    Use a palet knife to scrape Frost Sorbet Clear Coat randomly to tone down the stamping, and add shimmer to the page. Add texture to the page with stencils and texture paste. Leave to dry.

    Step 3

    Use different stencils to add some texture with texture paste to the surface.

    Step 4

    A close up of the texture.

    Step 5

    Use a brush to paint some gesso randomly onto the page, to add interest, and tone down the stamping. It will also be used in a next step... you'll see how. Dry it partially with a heat tool.

    Step 6

    Close-up of the gesso on the page. You can see it's not to cover-up the background.

    Step 7

    Another close-up.

    Step 8

    So, while the gesso is still aprtially wet, mist away with Colorations Spray. See the supply list for the colors I've used.

    Step 9

    LOVE these vibrant colors! The 2 colors mix to a lovely green.

    Step 10

    ... add some more spray... the colors will blend and run... dab away when you don't like it to be puddling up.

    Step 11

    Leave the spray partially wet... you'll see why in the next step...

    Step 12

    Stamp with the same script in the background without adding ink, but use the partially dried ink to stamp with. It will also take some gesso away in places, and add interest to the background.

    Step 13

    Nice detail from the Such a Drip Stencil.

    Step 14

    Here you can see some more detail of the stamping with the partially dried gesso and inksprays.

    Step 15

    Use the same script and a dark brown Archival ink to stamp the script randomly over the background.

    Step 16

    Detail of the dark brown stamping. LOVE the structure the stencils give to the background.

    Step 17

    Detail of the Chasing Butterflies Stencil...

    Step 18

    Cut the bacground up in pieces in the size of cards, ATC's or even for a board to be used in home-decorating.

    Step 19

    This way you can create a set of cards maybe?!

    Step 20

    Another beautiful A6 size part of the background, I'll be using this for the card I finish off with the stamped image of the cat.

    Step 21

    Paint a piece of separate piece of cardstock withFrost Sorbet Clear Coat. Leave to dry. Color the cat with Rustic Colorations Color Spray and Siesta Key Colorations Spray (with a brush). Cut it out.

    Step 22

    Sand the edges of the background, and the texture paste, so the stenciled texture will shows some white. Add white highlights with a white acrylic marker. Assemble the cat with 3D tape as shown. DONE!