How to Create at a Hotel During CREATIVATION - Part 1

by tami sanders * paper crafter

LOVE collage project... made from product i had on hand at my hotel during CREATIVATION... be sure to check out my other guide for part 2!


  • Clearsnap: ink
  • DecoArt: paint & spritz
  • American Crafts: brush lettering pad & markers
  • Gel Press: gel plates
  • Beacon: glue
  • $ store frame, squeegee & stencil
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    so you are CREATIVATION, got TONS of inspiration... NOW what do you DO with it? you are EXCITED to get crafty, but you are stuck in a hotel room... well let me show you what i made in my room!

    Step 2

    first, i picked up a few items at the dollar store...

    Step 3

    and LUCKY ME! i won a BIG box of goodies from DecoArt during the designer section meeting.

    Step 4

    and i had some products from my Gel Press class!

    Step 5

    i started by making some monoprints... my first paper by putting down a template on the backside of the Impressables Gel Plate and rolling a mix of silver and blue paint over it.

    Step 6

    i put my paper over the print and rubbed with my hand to transfer... here is the print i pulled.

    Step 7

    i wasn’t happy with the white background, so i rolled over the plate with the leftover paint on the brayer, put the print face down, and rubbed again...

    Step 8

    here’s the finished print.

    Step 9

    i made this print in class, and decided to use it as a base of another print...

    Step 10

    so i used a mix of pink and silver paint, and rolled it on the gel plate...

    Step 11

    then i put the print face down and rubbed to transfer the paint. here’s the finished print.

    Step 12

    here’s the small 3x5 gel plate i was using as a paint palette. i decided to pull a print off it to clean it.

    Step 13

    here’s the print.

    Step 14

    there was still paint on it and the brayer, so i rolled the brayer over the plate again...

    Step 15

    tapped with bubble wrap to add some texture...

    Step 16

    here’s the print i pulled.

    Step 17

    there was still some paint on the gel plate i used earlier, so i spritzed the plate with a mister...

    Step 18

    rolled with some silver paint...

    Step 19

    then used the shower squeegee to add some designs...

    Step 20

    here’s how the plate looked...

    Step 21

    and here’s the print.

    Step 22

    i wanted to add to it, so used a stencil and brayed over it with a mix of pink and silver.

    Step 23

    here’s the print.

    Step 24

    i repeated the process, adding more designs.

    Step 25

    the plate still had some paint on it, so i rolled over the stencil in scattered areas on the plate.

    Step 26

    here’s what the plate looked like

    Step 27

    i made this paper in class, but thought it was a bit dark, so decided to use it as the base.

    Step 28

    here’s the paper after the print was pulled.

    Step 29

    i added some more mist.

    Step 30

    rolled over with silver paint.

    Step 31

    and cleaned off the plate by pulling a print.

    Step 32

    here’s my assortment of papers i made! i used some for this project, and some for a project in part 2.

    Step 33

    i had my pad and markers from my brush lettering class...

    Step 34

    so i ripped out a piece of the tracing paper...

    Step 35

    and used my new skills to letter “love”.

    Step 36

    i then tore it out...

    Step 37

    i did bring a small bag of crafty stuff from home. i cant leave home without SOME supplies...

    Step 38

    and i got some Beacon Quick Grip in my goodie bag, i usually use Beacon’s Zip Dry for paper, but gotta use what you got!

    Step 39

    i picked a background for my word...

    Step 40

    then used washi tape to adhere it.

    Step 41

    finished word.

    Step 42

    the photo frame from the $ store had a cardboard insert, so i used that to build my collage.

    Step 43

    i started tearing papers and collaging.

    Step 44

    here’s the layout i decided on.

    Step 45

    i ALWAYS have some Clearsnap Inks with me! so i decided to bling out the edges with some gold.

    Step 46

    i also added gold ink around the inside of the mat.

    Step 47

    here’s the finished collage!

    Step 48

    i hope you enjoyed my project! please forgive me for not putting exact product names in the supply list, but i took pics of them all, and this is really about using what you might have on hand.

    Step 49

    you can find me at i’ve been on hiatus, but i’m back! thank you, tami sanders * paper crafter