How to Create at a Hotel During CREATIVATION - Part 2

by tami sanders * paper crafter

Art... ingredient for life collage project... made from product i had on hand at my hotel during CREATIVATION... be sure to check out my other guide for part 1!


  • Clearsnap: Ink
  • DecoArt: paint & spritz
  • Gel Press: gel plates
  • American Crafts: brush lettering pad & markets
  • Beacon: glue
  • $ store: valentine decor & squegee
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    so you are CREATIVATION, got TONS of inspiration... NOW what do you DO with it? you are EXCITED to get crafty, but you are stuck in a hotel room... well let me show you what i made in my room!

    Step 2

    please see How to Create at a Hotel during CREATIVATION part 1 for instructions on how to make papers used in the project.

    Step 3

    first, i tore the papers i monoprinted into rough squares...

    Step 4

    then i started collaging them onto the back of the valentine decor piece.

    Step 5

    here’s the board after i adhered all the papers.

    Step 6

    got this handy file in my CREATIVATION goodie bag at registration. who uses these things for nails? 😆

    Step 7

    hold file at a 45 degree angle to board and pull towards you. this will remove excess paper from around the edges of the board.

    Step 8

    finished background collage on board,

    Step 9

    so...had the board, now what!? was wishing for chipboard letters, debated on tearing letters from pages in the romance novel i was reading, when i spied the Safeway grocery bag i tore open to work on.

    Step 10

    and... hmmm... spied the DecoArt box, i could cut out the word art!

    Step 11

    cut out a few more words from the Safeway bag and i was in business!

    Step 12

    i had my phrase to use on my collage! oh... and dots were cut from the “Y” on the Safeway bag too.

    Step 13

    needed flowers or something, but didnt have any, then noticed i had some leftover prints.

    Step 14

    so i tore a quick spiral flower.

    Step 15

    and grabbed my used baby wipes & paper towels...

    Step 16

    and used them to make centers for my flowers. are they the “best” spiral flowers i’ve ever made? nope! but i’m crafting in the rough here!

    Step 17

    i poked the holes in the board through the paper with my scissors, and tied on a ribbon i had in my craft “go” bag...

    Step 18

    and tada! my finished collage! whatcha think? not too bad from a few supplies, some “found” materials and a little inspiration from CREATIVATION!

    Step 19

    here’s my mess! lucky the place i’m staying has concrete floors! but i was VERY CAREFUL to protect the floor. i used paper bags, but you could pick up a plastic tablecloth from the $ store.

    Step 20

    i hope you enjoyed my project! please forgive me for not putting exact product names in the supply list, but i took pics of them all (see part 1) but this is really about using what you have on hand.

    Step 21

    you can find me at i’ve been on hiatus, but i’m back! thank you, tami sanders * paper crafter