How to Create an Surreal Airplane Fly-By Photo

by Robert Mao

An airplan flyby on your house? You won't like it in real life, but this sort of photo might be I interesting and make your friends surprise!


Step 1

You need poshlight app, it's a 1.99 app in iOS AppStore

Step 2

Take a picture of your house or any building you want. Leave ideally 30%~50% space for the sky. Select 'add effects'...

Step 3

Select 'airplane' effect pack and pick an airplane image, it will appear superimpose on your original picture. Select the green confirm button.

Step 4

The toolbar of the effect layer will showup, select 'move' tool. You can move, zoom, rotate the airplane to its right place...don't worry about the wrong color, we will handle it later

Step 5

Select 'blend mode' tool, and pick a right blend mode, you will see two pictures blend well naturally.

Step 6

Select mask tool, here I use the round mask to only blend the airplane part into the image.

Step 7

This is the final result! How do you like it?

Step 8

Here is another example.