How to Create an Interactive Image With ThingLink

by Infuse Learning

Shows how we created our first interactive image with thinglink. *Some pics are from iPad view- but process is very similar. This is for @debbyj18, who requested a thinglink tutorial.


  • Computer or tablet/iPad
  • Internet
  • A picture that you want to make interactive
  • A couple minutes
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Went to

    Step 2

    Clicked the "Sign Up" button

    Step 3

    We decided to login with Twitter

    Step 4

    View on iPhone

    Step 5

    Upon login we were shown a couple interactive picture examples via "image streams" to explore

    Step 6

    We selected the create button (because we thought that might be where we could make one of these)

    Step 7

    thinglink made us a lovely icon based on our Twitter profile pic. We selected "Add An Image" (see the white text on the blue square?)

    Step 8

    Here are the import pic options. We selected the "Upload from hard drive" option.

    Step 9

    Next, we navigated to a screenshot on our desktop and opened it in thinglink.

    Step 10

    Next, we selected areas of the image we wanted to link. Here are the icon selection options.

    Step 11

    Once area is selected, thinglink prompts for a link and description that will display when users scroll over the image

    Step 12

    We decided to link our Snapguides to different sections of the Teacher Dashboard

    Step 13

    Here are the many options/ideas for linking! Pretty cool!

    Step 14

    We decided to try the Twitter link, to link to a picture we had tweeted relating to our Support tab.

    Step 15

    So, we grabbed the link from Twitter, pasted into thinglink and added a description.

    Step 16

    Once we linked to all the things we wanted to link to...we gave our image a name and selected "Save".

    Step 17

    Then we discovered a problem. We made the links to the things too close together.

    Step 18

    So, we selected the "Edit" button and rearranged the location of the thinglinks.

    Step 19

    Then we noticed an option to embed our new thinglink. So, we copied the embed code and placed on our InfuseCommunity Forum! Love it!

    Step 20

    Overall it was a pretty easy process. We think thinglink will also help in our efforts to empower educators with simple, easy to use technology--especially as it helps us explain InfuseLearning!

    Step 21

    For more info and resources--connect with us: via twitter @infuselearning, like us on Facebook, follow us on Pinterest, plus us on Google +, or subscribe to our YouTube channel.