How to Create an Art Supplies Box Using Relics Wood Backs

by Relics & Artifacts

Ambassador Milagros C Rivera shows you a nice way to recycle your unused Relics and Artifacts wood backing!


  • Relics and Artifacts wood support
  • Recycled wood box
  • Your Relics of choice
  • Metal flowers
  • Stencils
  • Modeling paste
  • Gesso
  • Metallique paint
  • Art stones
  • Micro beads
  • Resin roses
  • Mica powders
  • Inca gold
  • Dresdens
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Recycled wood box, mine has hinges and closure and Relics and Artifacts wood support

    Step 2

    These are ancient but the scale of the tiny roses was what I needed

    Step 3

    Give a coat of gesso to everything, your choice of white or black

    Step 4

    I'm going with white because it goes with the flowers

    Step 5

    Add modeling paste and wet on wet add the art stones

    Step 6

    Loving the results!

    Step 7

    Select your flowers

    Step 8

    As you can see I cut away the petals

    Step 9

    Begin your assemblage , can you spy the wings ? I used the individual petals to create them

    Step 10

    Gesso again

    Step 11

    First choice of colors, not the final ones I decided to cover the heart with metallique in teal, it matches the letters and gives a cohesive look

    Step 12

    Take a look around and see the inside! I love how it captures the light

    Step 13

    I used inca gold to work on the relief work if the pieces

    Step 14

    I finished it with Dresdens around the top portion. To read more about the inspiration behind this piece visit the Muse