How to Create an Art Journal Page "Attitude of Gratitude"

by Art Anthology

Create an art journal page with juicy and rich, bright colors about Attitude of Gratitude.


  • Art journal base
  • AA mists: Peacock feathers, studio blue, glorious
  • Timeless, juicy
  • AA Velvets: Perismmone and Wineberry
  • Catalyst contour tool from Princeton.
  • Catalyst Mini Blade 01 from Princetone.
  • Gesso white
  • Crafting Mat
  • Small size brush. I used one from Princeton.
  • Black Ink, Black Pen
  • Some flower stamps or your favorite stamps.
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Start with two pages.I don't remember when I started painting this, but I know I applied some white gesso on Prima Epiphany paper & added some Peacock Feathers, Studio Blue, & Glorious AA Mists.

    Step 2

    Today it's time to give them a second look. Spray with Timeless on the corners.

    Step 3

    Add some Glorious.

    Step 4

    Splash with Juicy and let it dry.

    Step 5

    Apply some Persimmon using the Spatula (from out tool kit).

    Step 6

    Create some texture with Catalyst tool from Princeton.

    Step 7

    Paint a flower stamp with Wineberry Velvet.

    Step 8

    Stamp some flowers on the page.

    Step 9

    Add more stamping with black ink.

    Step 10

    Create some almost real ;) flowers.

    Step 11

    Add tittle and some details with black pen. It 's finished.