How to Create an Appointment in Qcard

by Qcard App

Lets create an Appointment Qcard that will start to remind us 3 days before, alert us when it's time to leave, and attach a list of things to remember for this appointment.


Step 1

Tap "+" button.

Step 2

Tap "Appointment" to setup the Qcard.

Step 3

Type a description for this appointment and tap "Done"

Step 4

Tap the 'Calendar Cell' to set the date & time of this appointment.

Step 5

Choose the date & time and tap "Done"

Step 6

The date & time you selected is now displayed in the 'calendar cell'. Tap the 'alert cell' to create a reminder for this appointment.

Step 7

In this example, we set the reminder 3 days before at 9am. (you can choose any date before the appointment)

Step 8

The selected reminder date & time is now displayed in the 'alert cell'. Tap the 'travel cell' to set travel time.

Step 9

Select the amount of time needed to travel to your appointment and tap "Done". NOTE : in this example, an alert will be triggered 45mins before the appointment reminding you to leave.

Step 10

The date & time of the Travel alert is now displayed. Lets create a list of things we need to remember for this appointment. Tap to create a list item.

Step 11

Enter an item description and tap "+" to add to your list.

Step 12

Add multiple items to your list and tap "+".

Step 13

Tap "Save" when you're done to create this Qcard.

Step 14

The Appointment Qcard is created for 10am.

Step 15

The reminder Qcard for the appointment is created 3 days before at 9am.

Step 16

When the reminder Qcard is due, the amount of time remaining is displayed - in this example it's "in 3 days". NOTE : this list is attached to both the reminder and appointment Qcard.