How to Create a Wound

by Emma Newheart

Wounds for Halloween or Carnival


  • You need skinplastic (I used tuplast from kryolan)
  • 2 red lipsticks, one bright and one dark
  • 2 eyeshadows, one red and one dark violet
  • A cream blush in violet or dark red
  • A foundation
  • A small eyeliner brush and a foundation brush
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Apply the skinplastic

    Step 2

    Add the bright lipstick

    Step 3

    Add the dark lipstick

    Step 4

    Create the illusion of crusts and bruises with the eyeshadows

    Step 5

    Add a bit more of the violet eyeshadow around the wound

    Step 6

    Mix some foundation with the cream blush and apply around the wound

    Step 7

    Blend it out, apply some more foundation and you are done :) it looks more realistic form the distance