How to Create a Valentine Painting

by Liz Meiron

Use acrylic paints to paint a romantically, rainy scene.


  • paint brushes
  • canvas
  • acrylic Paint
  • rinse water
  • paper towels
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Step 2

    The middle of the painting will be the brightest. Let's begin by adding dark purple to both sides of where the people will be standing. Use loose, free brush strokes.

    Step 3

    Start mixing in a little of white and light bluish paint. Don't rinse your brush, let the colors mix.

    Step 4

    Use that technique all the way up, keeping the darker colors towards the outside. Add black paint to the bottom portion avoiding the center of the painting.

    Step 5

    Use horizontal brush strokes to add highlights to the area where the couple will stand. Add more black to the top right corner.

    Step 6

    We will use a credit card to add a tree on the left side with black paint.

    Step 7

    Make rough branches that overhang into the lightest portion of the painting.

    Step 8

    Time for street lights. Make sure the black paint is mostly dry. Begin with 3 white dots that line up to the vanishing point (our couple). Then pick up some pink and paint around them.

    Step 9

    Don't rinse your brush as you add the pinks. Allow them to mix in and get the appearance of glowing. Add some horizontal pink strokes at the bottom to represent reflection.

    Step 10

    A little more pink, a little more white.

    Step 11

    A couple converging lines to represent the edge of the street. They need to point to the same spot the white lights point to.

    Step 12

    Add some black paint to the converging lines. It doesn't need to be perfect, It's a wet, reflective street.

    Step 13

    Now poles for the lights. Us a flat brush and draw a vertical line from each dot downward. Bring each of them about 1/2 inch from the edge of the street. They shouldn't be even or the same length.

    Step 14

    Make them thicker and add a little white paint.

    Step 15

    Now the hard part. Humans. First let's use chalk to draw two vertical rectangles and an umbrella shape above them.

    Step 16

    Paint in the umbrella shape, add shadows with black and highlights with white. Use the teal color to add some horizontal brush strokes to the street. Add a couple heads.

    Step 17

    Guys are more square and lady's more triangular.

    Step 18

    Fill them in with black paint.

    Step 19

    Now use some of the colors from our painting. Pink on the pink side.

    Step 20

    Black shadows in the street using horizontal strokes. That horizontal part is pretty important.

    Step 21

    Add some teal from the umbrella to the guy and the street. OOO, so reflective. Use some blue, purple, and pink to add brush strokes to the tree.

    Step 22

    Add some small details to the umbrella, and we're done!