How to Create a Summer Sunset Makeup Look

by D CM


  • Maybelline baby skin instant pore eraser
  • L'oreal magic nude liquid powder in 316 nude beige
  • Maybelline color tattoo in 10 fierce & tangy
  • Mac eyeshadow in lala
  • Anastasia brow powder duo in ash blonde/taupe
  • Prestige brow perfection in dark brown
  • NYC city duos in 810B upper zest side
  • Maybelline eye studio gel liner in blackest black
  • Nars blush in gaiety
  • Rimmel bronzer in 022 sun bronze
  • Estée Lauder all over powder in platinum/gold
  • Maybelline the falsies mascara
  • Nars radiant creamy concealer in honey
  • Revlon lip crayon in lovesick
  • Revlon lip butter in sweet tart
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Starting with a clean bare face!

    Step 2

    Moisturizer-- I like this one, but whatever you like!

    Step 3

    Primer. I like this one-- a cheap dupe for mufe hd primer.

    Step 4

    Foundation: I'm obsessed w this Maybelline dream powder stuff

    Step 5

    I just smear that biz on with my fingers.

    Step 6

    But it really does amazing things to even out my skin. I love it.

    Step 7

    Brows! I start with the powder and then the gel.

    Step 8

    Look! Color!

    Step 9

    The colored gel adds definition to my pale brows

    Step 10

    Then the clear ties it all together

    Step 11

    Curtains to the windows of the soul!

    Step 12

    Starting with a cream base on the eyes. I use a stiff square synthetic brush for precision

    Step 13

    This orange makes blue eyes BLUE

    Step 14

    Carried just to the crease, not above, in a small cat eye shape and on the outer half of the lower lid

    Step 15

    Mac lala a hot pink with a stiff nylon brush.

    Step 16

    Packed onto the outer third of the lid

    Step 17

    NYC colors. I knew these brights would get some use!

    Step 18

    Orange shade packed onto the center of the lid.

    Step 19

    The yellow on the inner third and at the tear duct

    Step 20

    Blended together with a fluffy brush.

    Step 21

    Black gel liner with the same stiff square brush

    Step 22

    A medium thick line (also carried under the lid but I failed to photograph that!

    Step 23

    Mac texture and a fluffy brush. With bright shadows I like to keep them in the lid and then use a neutral in the crease for softness

    Step 24

    Curl and mascara!

    Step 25


    Step 26

    Concealer! I take it under the eyes and on any blemishes with a real techniques crease brush and then a lighter shade under the brows and down the center of my nose

    Step 27

    Bronzer-- not to contour but to fake a sunny glow. Across the nose and cheeks, around the hairline.

    Step 28

    Bright blush! Taken through the back of the cheekbones

    Step 29

    Highlight-- Over the top of my cheekbones and down the nose.

    Step 30

    Lips-- I'm obsessed with these revlon crayons.

    Step 31

    And some slightly glossy top coat.

    Step 32

    Step 33

    Final look

    Step 34

    Step 35

    Oof I look mad! But I'm not!

    Step 36

    And this is what happens to this look after watching a trailer for a report on women's financial insecurity.