How to Create a "Save the Boo Bee's" Decorated Bra

by Art Anthology

Learn how to create a "Save The Boo Bees" Bra in support of Breast Cancer Awareness


  • Pink Bra
  • Sorbet in Mi Bella
  • Sorbet in Black Leather Jacket
  • Colortations in Barbie
  • Colorations in Wild Orchid
  • Colorations in Patience
  • Art anthology dBeehive Stencil
  • Art Anthology Soliloquy Stencil
  • White paper flowers
  • Bee Stickers
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    I bought a very inexpensive "very padded" bra to decorate. I figured since it was supper stiff it would work best.

    Step 2

    I also had these Bee stickers in my stash

    Step 3

    I painted the wings of all the Bee's with Sorbet in Mi Bella

    Step 4

    This way I would incorporate the pink onto the Bee's

    Step 5

    I attached the Beehive stencil using little clips.

    Step 6

    Then using Colorations in Barbie I misted the entire cup. Then I repeated the steps to the second cup.

    Step 7

    This is what it looked like before it dried. Once it dried the stretchy fabric sorta adsorbed it so much that it muted the bright color.

    Step 8

    So I decided to apply some Sorbet in Black Leather Jacket to using the same stencil over some areas of the cups.

    Step 9

    Then I added the word "Hope" using Sorbet in Mi Bella and the Soliloquy Stencil.

    Step 10

    This is what it looked like once I removed the stencil.

    Step 11

    Once it was dry, I outlined the word with a Rude Pen.

    Step 12

    This is what the cup of the bra looked like after going over with the black sorbet.

    Step 13

    While the bra was drying I took some white paper flowers and misted them with Colorations in Barbie

    Step 14

    I didn't totally saturated them with the spray. I left some of the white show thru.

    Step 15

    I also sprayed some other paper flowers.

    Step 16

    Once the bra and the flowers where dry I went ahead and glued the flowers to the bra.

    Step 17

    Then I glued the Bees.

    Step 18

    I printed "Save the Boo Bees" on a watercolor sheet and sprayed it with Colorations in Barbie, Wild Orchid and Patience. I made puddles with the Colorations and applied direct heat with a heat gun.

    Step 19

    And Voila! Here is the finished Bra!