How to Create a Salt "Sand" Art/makeup Brush/pen Holder

by Nikki DiPietro

A much cheaper version of sand art! With a little bit of time you can create "sand" art as a makeup brush holder for half the price!


  • Color chalk
  • Regular salt
  • Glass jar/bowl
  • Plastic bathroom cups
  • Scissors
  • Craft decorations! (Not required)
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Take any glass bowl/jar etc that you want to use! Decorate if you want (I just used adhesive gems but that is not necessary). Just make sure most of your glass is visible!

    Step 2

    Use any regular fine grain salt. I don't believe thick grains of sea salt will work, but I never tested that theory! Comment if you've tried it!

    Step 3

    Pour the amount of salt you want to use in your plastic cup first.

    Step 4

    Then take the chalk piece and begin quickly stirring it around. You will notice the color of the salt slowly changing.

    Step 5

    Stop when you've reach your desired color. The salt will always be a little but lighter than the original chalk stick, so just keep that in mind.

    Step 6

    For quicker results, you can also shave the chalk into your salt and quickly stir. Just be careful with this step. It is faster, but not recommended for young children.

    Step 7

    Here's the finished results of the salt/chalk mixtures! You don't have to do rainbow. Chose whichever colors you like. You can also blend two chalk pieces together to create a different color!

    Step 8

    Slowly start adding your chalk to your jar.

    Step 9

    This should be your finished product! Leave a bit of room empty at the top if using it as a holder. But if this is just used as art, fill to the top and add a lid!

    Step 10

    But my purpose was a makeup brush holder!

    Step 11

    Or use it to hold your pens/pencils/markers/ etc!