How to Create a Sacred Heart Mosaic Cuff

by Relics & Artifacts

This workd could use a little more love and caring, it is the magical inspiration behind the work of our Ambassador Kimberly Cochrane!


  • Relics and Artifacts Flaming Ex Voto
  • Blank Cuff
  • Apxie Sculpt
  • Paint
  • E6000 glue
  • Sealer
  • Rub n buff in silver
  • velvet, rhinestones, turquoise beads
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Gather your materials

    Step 2

    Paint your heart with your choice of color, turquoise is one of my favorites

    Step 3

    Cut a piece velvet to line the inside part of the heart and glue some rhinestones to hide the seams

    Step 4

    Usie Apoxie sculpt to cover your blank cuff

    Step 5

    encrust the apxie with your chosen materials I'm using turquoise and rhinestones but you can also add pearls

    Step 6

    Enjoy your beautiful creation! To read about our Ambassador Kimberly Cochrane inspiration visit the Muse at