How to Create a Repurposed Bottle Centerpiece-Graphic 45

by Keri Sallee

Green Crafts are all the rage and today I want to show you a bright and festive altered bottled project featuring Graphic 45 "Bohemian Bazaar." It's all green and all fun!


  • 1 Wine Bottle
  • 2 Smaller Bottles (like a beer bottle)
  • 1 Ivy Spraypaint by Krylon
  • 1 Soft Silver Spraypaint by Krylon
  • Scissors
  • Aleene's Tacky Glue
  • Graphic 45 Stamped Metal Brads
  • Graphic 45 Washi Tape
  • Graphic 45 Ornate Metal Key Holes
  • Liquitex Modeling Paste
  • Yellow Acrylic Paint
  • Pink Paislee Mistables Misting Mask
  • Canvas Corp Hemp
  • Graphic 45 Bohemian Bazaar Chipboard 1
  • Graphic 45 12x12 Paper-Bohemien Bazaar
  • Graphic 45 12x12 Paper-Jasmin Night
  • Graphic 45 12x12 Paper-Vivid Spendor
  • Graphic 45 12x12 Paper-Opulent Sunset
  • Graphic 45 12x12 Paper-Dazzing Delight
  • Graphic 45 12x12 Paper-Mystical Masterpiece
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Spray paint your Wine bottle. I removed the labels the best I could but left the "fuzzy" leftovers to add texture.

    Step 2

    Hit a few places all over for a few seconds to allow the paint to pool and then drip down your bottle.

    Step 3

    Spray paint your 2 smaller bottles in a contrasting color. I chose to go silver! Again...I didn't remove my labels. :)

    Step 4

    As with your larger bottle, hot some spots a little heaver so that it pools and drips down the side.

    Step 5

    Wrap your bottle in yoru Pink Paislee Stencil. Tape it so that you still have access to the overlapped portion. Secure with tape (pretty washi tape never hurts right?!)

    Step 6

    Mix equal parts modeling paste and acrylic paint. It's best to mix on a non-stick mat (or wax paper) with a bone folder or other non-porous stick. It's best not to use a paint brush.

    Step 7

    Scrape your modeling paste through your stencil. As you can see...I didn't clean this stencil the last time I used it, so I ended up with some read mixed in with my yellow. :) I like it!

    Step 8

    While your paste is still wet, carefully remove your stencil Wash stencil immediately (dry modeling paste is difficult to remove. ) The red is fun, right? Allow to dry completely.

    Step 9

    While your bottle is drying, let's start on your flowers! Start by cutting 3 circles in different sizes our of papers of your choice.

    Step 10

    On each circle, cut small slits towards the center, being careful not to slice all the way through.

    Step 11

    Layer your circles with 2-3 layers and glue them together. Once they are dry, add a Graphic 45 Stamped Brad to the center of a few. {TIP: Use a craft knife to to make your hole for your brad.}

    Step 12

    Next, wrap the neck of your bottle with 2 styles of Graphic 45 Washi Tape.

    Step 13

    Wrap the top edge and bottom edge is Washi Tape as well. {sorry...forgot to take a picture of the top washi. You can see it in the finished project.}

    Step 14

    Grab a punch of your choice. I chose Fiskars' hexagon.

    Step 15

    Punch shape using a variety of patterns.

    Step 16

    Using Aleene's Tacky Glue, arrange shapes to form your background. Because of the rough texture, hold the shapes for a few minutes to allow the glue to grab. A diagonal arrangement works best.

    Step 17

    Set your large bottle aside to dry and grab your 2 smaller silver bottles. Wrap each in washi tape.

    Step 18

    For your small bottles, make 2 identical flowers using the same method as the flowers on the large bottle.

    Step 19

    Back to the large bottle! Layer your flowers in a way to allow your background to peek threw. Add a Graphic 45 Ornate Key Hole (I backed it in yellow to make it pop!)

    Step 20

    Create a hang tag using 2 tags from the Graphic 45 Chipboard 1 set and tie them and a Graphic 45 Ornate Key using Canvas Corp Hemp. Slide over the top of the bottle.

    Step 21

    Add fresh flowers and you're done!!!

    Step 22

    Enjoy your beautiful centerpiece!!