How to Create a Paper Party Favor by Joanne Bain

by Joanne Bain

I created these simple little party favor bags using the new Graphic 45 DIY Craft Paper for my SImply G45 project. The rules, simple, affordable and created in less then 60 minutes.


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  • Instructions

    Step 1

    I have used these little favor bags multiple times for birthday parties and they were a hit. I learnt this tutorial originally from and today I thought I would share my version.

    Step 2

    You will need a piece of paper. My paper piece measures 20cm X 15cm. The bigger the paper the bigger you party favor will be.

    Step 3

    Fold in half and crease bottom only.

    Step 4

    I marked the centre for you to see.

    Step 5

    Fold left side in to meet the centre as shown.

    Step 6

    Fold the right side over but overlap the left side by about 1cm.

    Step 7

    Showing overlap.

    Step 8

    Fold out flat again

    Step 9

    Fold the top of the paper down by about 1cm.

    Step 10

    Now lift top folded flap run glue down the entire right side edge as shown.

    Step 11

    Fold in sides and glue down as shown. Be sure to lip over the top fold for a seamless edge.

    Step 12

    Fold up the bottom left edge to line with the glued paper edge as shown.

    Step 13

    Using a ruler place along the folded edge as shown. This is to ensure a straight edge, now fold the right side up as shown.

    Step 14

    This is what it should look like.

    Step 15

    Turn over.

    Step 16

    Fold bottom up so it lines up with fold edges from the other side as shown.

    Step 17

    Fold back and unfold as shown.

    Step 18

    Push the fold flaps inwards as shown.

    Step 19

    Fold bottom flap up so it is about 1cm above the centre fold line as shown.

    Step 20

    Now glue, only in the parts as shown.

    Step 21

    Glue down.

    Step 22

    Turn sideways and fold as shown.

    Step 23

    Make sure the bottom of the fold lines up to fit nicely with the already folded piece on the bottom as shown.

    Step 24

    Turn and fold the other side.

    Step 25

    Fold out sides.

    Step 26

    Now fold the other bottom flap down as shown.

    Step 27

    Glue, but only glue in the areas as shown.

    Step 28

    It should look like this.

    Step 29

    Fold the top of the bag down now to meet the centre of the bottom of the bag as shown.

    Step 30

    Like this.

    Step 31

    Unfold and the fold the top down to meet the fold you just made as shown.

    Step 32

    Unfold and it should look like this.

    Step 33

    Now fold top down to meet the middle fold line.

    Step 34

    Unfold and it should look like this.

    Step 35

    Fold top down to middle fold line again.

    Step 36

    Then fold in half again as shown.

    Step 37

    Unfold and turn over. It should look like this.

    Step 38

    Fold top down to meet first fold line.

    Step 39

    Now continue to concertina fold all the way to the last fold line.

    Step 40

    Concertina folding should look like this.

    Step 41

    Unfold again.

    Step 42

    Time to open out the bag.

    Step 43

    Fill with treats and then fold in the top of the bag as shown.

    Step 44

    Fold along the fold lines again.

    Step 45

    Then push down in the centre as shown. This will allow for a fan type of effect.

    Step 46

    My paper bow pattern.

    Step 47

    Cut out the paper bow pieces and you will need a strip of paper 1cm wide and long enough to fold around the bag.

    Step 48

    Fold bow piece as shown and glue.

    Step 49

    Fold around centre bow piece and glue.

    Step 50

    Attach bow backing.

    Step 51

    Fold paper strip around bag as shown and glue.

    Step 52

    Attach paper bow.

    Step 53

    The party favor is now complete and how cute does it look?

    Step 54

    Close up of my bow.

    Step 55

    My finished party favor created with Graphic 45 DIY Craft Paper.

    Step 56

    Thank you for viewing my tutorial. Joanne Bain -