How to Create a Pantry Makeover Into a 👢Mudroom🌂

by Lucy Hudnall

Here's how we turned our pantry into a Mudroom.


Step 1

The problem...Everyone, including myself, comes in, flips our shoes off when we come in the door...then it's trip over the shoes to get to pantry or the door.

Step 2

The pantry holds shoes, trash, recycling, mop, broom, canned food, bags, and anything else that we think fits.

Step 3

What a mess! Cleaning this out is a constant thing and I can't get a handle on it!

Step 4

Ugh.. Even the shelves are a mess.

Step 5

Oh and the door itself... If you are in the pantry and someone comes in the back hits the pantry door that hits you! Who designs this stuff?

Step 6

Everything out! Then, my eldest takes off the door and takes the shelves down.

Step 7

Now we got empty space. Then to putty the holes, sand and wash walls and floor.

Step 8

My daughter said she never painted

Step 9

..little brother too..

Step 10

Okay I got Kilz paint on.

Step 11

If using Kilz, be sure to have mineral spirits on hand. This stuff will paint and block anything but is not soap and water clean up.

Step 12

All right.. First coat of paint on.

Step 13

..and second coat.

Step 14

Then to the flooring. Got the vinyl and glue all up, sanded and washed well.

Step 15

Now a coat of Kilz...

Step 16

..and first coat of paint..

Step 17

..and second coat. Now for the carpentry skills to come out.

Step 18

Dear Hubby got 5 divided areas and a bench completed.

Step 19

Top shelf completed.

Step 20

Looking good heh? Now to paint.

Step 21

Check✅ .. Coming right along..2 coats.

Step 22

Lovin' these hooks!

Step 23

Wow! Few things in place..can't wait till kids come home from school to hang their backpacks! Find an unused spot in your home and make your own Mudroom. Enjoy!