How to Create a Nearpod Account

by Nearpod's Guides

Get started using Nearpod and discover a world of possibilities!


  • 1 iPad
  • 1 Web browser
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Download the FREE Nearpod app from the App Store and launch it on your iPad. Choose the Sign Up option.

    Step 2

    Complete all the fields required to create a new Nearpod account.

    Step 3

    You must accept the Nearpod Terms and Conditions to get started.

    Step 4

    Once in My Library, you will find the featured Nearpod Presentation. Open it to learn more about how Nearpod works.

    Step 5

    On the Nearpod Store you will find lots of featured Nearpod Presentations to download and start using with your students.

    Step 6

    Go to to access the Nearpod Content Tool and start creating your own presentations!