How to Create a Narwal Nail Design🐋

by Lacoda Owens

As requested by Justine S. here is probably the cutest design I have ever done, a narwal!! Anywho, I hope you all enjoy, and please don't forget heart this, tell your friends, comment, and follow!😘👉


  • Base Coat Nail Polish
  • Top Coat Nail Polish
  • White Nail Polish
  • Light Blue Nail Polish
  • Black Nail Polish
  • Dotting Tool (optional) Or Toothpick
  • Nail Striper (optional)
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Tap to see all the mabobs I used!😊

    Step 2

    Start off with a clean nail.

    Step 3

    Apply the base coateth

    Step 4

    Get your light blue nail polish out...

    Step 5

    Make a blob like a circle in the middle of the nail.

    Step 6

    Then make a tiny triangle for the tail.

    Step 7

    I just went over it once more so it would stand out against the white background since it is such a sheer blue.

    Step 8

    Get your black out.

    Step 9

    Start making it's horn... Like a very thin triangle.

    Step 10

    Make two lines, slight curved so it ressembles a real horn.

    Step 11

    Create the little flipper☺

    Step 12

    Make two dots for the little eyes👀

    Step 13

    Smiles look best!!

    Step 14

    I added some lines for definition...

    Step 15

    Add the topcoat and viola!!