How to Create a Mixed Media Canvas Using Minx

by Art Anthology

Step by step canvas featuring Art Anthology's New Minx Inks!


  • Art Anthology Colorations -Concord
  • Art Anthology Colorations -Granny Smith
  • Art Anthology Colorations- Marlin
  • Art Anthology Colorations- Siesta Key
  • Art Anthology Colorations- Raider
  • Cracked Stencil
  • Soliloquy Stencil
  • Art Anthology Minx- Radiance
  • Art Anthology Minx -Allure
  • Art Anthology Minx -Midnight
  • Art Anthology Minx- majestic
  • Art Anthology Minx -Enchanting
  • Art Anthology Minx- Stargazer
  • Art Anthology Minx - Indulgence
  • Board Canvas prepped with Gesso
  • Misc Craft Frame Prepped with gesso
  • Resign Pieces -Used Prima
  • Art Anthology Sorbet- Black Tuxedo
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Start adding Minx inks to the resign flames starting with the the lightest color first.

    Step 2

    After attaching the frame to the board canvas start applying colorations randomly.

    Step 3

    Continue to add color until the canvas is covered.

    Step 4

    Step 5

    After the canvas is dry, add a bit of shimmer with some random drops of Minx Inks.

    Step 6

    Once all the pieces are dry assemble the canvas.

    Step 7

    And there you have it a canvas packed full of intense color!

    Step 8

    Just look at that beautiful color mix!

    Step 9

    And the shimmer is so stunning!

    Step 10

    Thank you so much for stopping by today ! I hope that you are inspired to play with some INK!