How to Create a Mixed Media Assemblage With DeeDee Catron

by Relics & Artifacts

Our guest from the Tribe DeeDee Catron takes you through some amazing steps on this assemblage! Read about her inspiration on the Muse


  • Relics and Artifacts egg shrine
  • R&A Archangel
  • Golden fluid matte medium
  • Gonden carbon black fluid acrylic
  • Golden heavy gel
  • Liquitex glaze medium
  • Liquitex gesso white and ckear
  • Deco art grey fluid medium
  • Um wow studio chipboard stars and wings
  • Stabilo
  • Amazing crafting resin
  • Mona Lisa gold foil
  • May arts ribbon
  • Configuration box
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Using vintage dictionary text & Golden matte medium, collage the inside of the Egg Shrine. Apply medium to the resin shrine, then the paper.Press paper to shrine & cover the top with medium.

    Step 2

    Once dried, sand back rough edges of paper that my occur. A high grit helps achieve a smoother finish. Blow or wipe off excess dust from the sanding.

    Step 3

    Using a mixture (60/40 ratio) of DecoArt fluid acrylic & Liquitex glazing medium, completely cover the egg shrine inside, edges and back. Work quickly through this step & the next.

    Step 4

    With a baby wipes at hand and while the paint is wet, wipe away excess . You are now glazing! The desired effect of glazing is a nice dark tone of paint in the cracks with a light haze over the raised

    Step 5

    Allow the glaze layer to dry & sand back parts to reveal the beautiful creamy white texture of the resin below.It's sort of a dance,add a little,take a little.This is how intriguing layers r achieved.

    Step 6

    Using gel medium attach a pair of UmWowStudio chipboard wings to the face from the Archangels. apply a small bit of gel to a few pieces of chipboard confetti and lay them onto a piece of gold foil.

    Step 7

    It's time for some resin! Mix Amazing Casting Resin (2 equal parts) and poor into the egg shrine. Fill about 1/3 of the way and let cure. This takes 24 hours... so you have a little work time

    Step 8

    Finish prepping your gold foil stars.. using a wire brush clay tool you can lightly brush away the excess gold foil. Leave some of your stars plain with foil..good contrast can be achieved

    Step 9

    mix up a smaller batch. Pour into the egg and submerge a mix of gold foiled and non gold foiled stars.The cured resin from below will act as as a ledge,the two layers will appear seamless once cured.

    Step 10

    Repeat step nine as many times as you like until the egg is full but not overflowing. On your last pour, reinforce the wing & archangel connection. use the resin to attach the archangel to the shrine

    Step 11

    Using 1/8inch masking tape, cover up the eyes & mouth of the archangel.color the archangel's recesses with the stabilo and activate with water. Don't overwork the stabilo.Apply TOIL rubon to the neck.

    Step 12

    Paint a Configurations box in 4 layers of gesso. Mix instant coffee and paint the box with washy and drippy layers. Do a bit of journaling in the background, secure the box in place with gel medium.

    Step 13

    Trim some pieces of vintage Italian text into long thin strips. With a mixture of clear gesso & gel medium wet and roll the strips to create paper beads. Allow to dry

    Step 14

    Trim off parts you don't need. Paint the skeleton to resemble a realistic version.Paint with gesso and add a thin layer of gray wipe excess.Repeat the gray until you've achieved desired effects.

    Step 15

    Paint the wings&begin assemblage!Use gel medium to glue in's such a great adhesive for heavy objects.plan ahead and drill a hole through the shrine & box.

    Step 16

    Use twines & fibers like canvas threads and silk ribbon to add dimension and texture to your piece. The rolled beads resemble candles and the whole pieces has a mausoleum inspired feel