How to Create a Mini Side Show Ballyhoo Stage

by Nichola Battilana

Create a sideshow ballyhoo stage and pulpit with supplies from Full supply list with links can be found at


  • Carnival Scrapbook Paper - Big Top
  • Carnival Scrapbook Paper - Calliope
  • Chipboard Steamer Trunk
  • Circus Performers #1 Collage Sheet
  • Gold Sweeper Fringe
  • Gypsy Coin Mix*
  • May 2015 Kit - Run Away and Join the Circus
  • Mini Floral Dresden Borders - Antique Gold
  • Run Away and Join the Circus Add-On Kit
  • Thin Fleur Dresden Borders - Gold
  • Tim Holtz Long Mini Brads
  • Vintage Magician Posters Collage Sheet
  • wooden stir sticks
  • glue
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    The stage is created from the steamer trunk pieces. Take one large piece and two short pieces...

    Step 2

    Glue the short pieces to the ends to create a platform.

    Step 3

    Cut a piece of paper for the top, and a striped paper for the sides. Be aware of the orientation of the paper patterns when cutting.

    Step 4

    I'm sort of terrible at measuring so I prefer to apply my paper with a bit of 'wiggle room' and trim the edges to fit.

    Step 5

    Next I distress the edges by rubbing an ink pad along them.

    Step 6

    Apply dresen trim to the edges.

    Step 7

    Paint some wooden stir sticks white and apply them to the back of your stage. Cut out the circus-y image you want to use as your banner, distress those edges and apply it to the sticks.

    Step 8

    Cut some elongated triangles, distress the edges and crinkle as shown.

    Step 9

    Apply the triangles to the top of your stir stick posts. Add some extra circus themed artwork and metal brad head 'nails'.

    Step 10

    For the pulpit take four of the small trunk pieces and cut them like so...

    Step 11

    Assemble the pieces like this.

    Step 12

    Cover in decorative paper and distress all edges. (The beveled open end is simply covered by the paper.)

    Step 13

    Add dresden trims to the top and bottom edge, and then apply some small pieces from the Collage Sheet artwork.

    Step 14

    Cutout your sideshow characters and add a bit of colour.

    Step 15

    Create a simple stand with a small piece of folded paper.

    Step 16

    You can add extra embellishments if you like, such as ribbons and charms. Finally, you're all set to ballyhoo and open your miniature side show!