How to Create a Mini Album

by Nadya Tana Lifa

Create this simple and easy mini album with fine Graphic 45 materials! It will be fast and exciting!)) Just scissors and FUN!


  • Graphic 45 Couture 8x8 Pad
  • Graphic 45 Couture 12x12 Pad
  • Graphic 45 Couture Flowers
  • Old CD disc
  • Ribbons
  • Glue, 3 D Foam Squares
  • Brads for Decor
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Take a Couture Collection 8\8 paper pad! Scor up on the center of 4 sheets! Take 2 folded sheets, put them side by side and glue to them wide ribbon - it will mount a mini-album.

    Step 2

    Tapes should be at the top and bottom. You get such design of the album!

    Step 3

    Please pick up pieces of paper and cut them to size smaller than your album. Album Size - 10 / 20cm, then 16 sheets for decoration must be 9 / 19cm! To glue them you can use 3D Foam Squares.

    Step 4

    Or use Scrapbook Adhesives tape to glue it.

    Step 5

    Step 6

    Pick contrasting sheets.

    Step 7

    Stick to the cover ribbons- drawstring.

    Step 8

    On the corner you may glue anoter sheet to have more volume!!!

    Step 9

    You may do it in the album too - just cut paper details smaller, than previous layer! Volume-volume-volume!

    Step 10

    What a plump!)))

    Step 11

    Decor a cover with fussy cutting details!!! Graphic 45 Couture flowers are so so sweet and beautiful! Love it! And its a little secret: Moisten the flowers and crumple to give them a shape like this!

    Step 12

    Also for decor I used an old CD disc))) And many perfect Fussy Cutting Details from Couture Collection Graphic 45 sheets!

    Step 13

    This mini-album, you can do very quickly! For example, for an urgent gift !!! And filled all album with the photo-corners and photos! Nice and easy work with Graphic 45!