How to Create a Mermaid Look

by Krystal Rouse

This is dedicated to Ella Allen! Hope you like it girl! Thanks for asking for this I had fun doing these bright colors 😊 📢 sorry for the background noise, kids watching NickJR


  • Pictures of Supplies
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Mermaid Under the Sea look! Thanks for watching ✌💋

    Step 2

    All the supplies here! Flat shader brush, flat eyeliner brush, blending brush, small flat brush, and an applicator.

    Step 3

    MAC's Paintpot in "painterly"

    Step 4

    Put all over eyelid, this is going to make Eyeshadows last all day

    Step 5

    Using "Painted Purple" by Maybelline

    Step 6

    Begin to cut your crease with the "Painted Purple"

    Step 7

    Using the same angled eyeliner brush, use a purple eyeshadow

    Step 8

    And shade directly on the line created with the "Painted Purple"

    Step 9

    Now with "Edgy Emerald" start to fill in the little space under "Painted Purple"

    Step 10

    Use the applicator and make sure to wet the sponge with some Fix Plus

    Step 11

    Fill in the space with "Edgy Emerld"

    Step 12

    Taking "Tenacious Teal" by Maybelline

    Step 13

    And a wet applicator sponge

    Step 14

    Create a curve right above the "painted purple"

    Step 15

    Using a sea green eyeshadow pat this ontop of "Edgy Emerald" using a flat shader brush

    Step 16

    Remember to pat the sea green eyeshadow

    Step 17

    Using the same brush and a darker blue eyeshadow

    Step 18

    Pat this as well onto the "Tenacious Teal"

    Step 19

    Using a blending brush begin to blend out the "Tenacious Teal" blend until you can't blend no more! Touch up the "Painted Purple" with the same purple eyeshadow

    Step 20

    This is Milani Crystal Eyez Sparkling Eyeshadow in "Delightfully Dazzling" place some on the back of your hand it's easer to apply this way. And only a small amount too much will dry and crack!

    Step 21

    Place the "Delightfully Dazzling" ontop of the "Tenacious Teal" spread evenly as well as on top of the "Edgy Emerald"

    Step 22

    Package says it all!

    Step 23

    Using a small flat brush and "Celestial Silver"

    Step 24

    Place on inner tear duct! This will open your eyes

    Step 25

    Add liner and lashes to complete the look

    Step 26

    The finished eye look! Under the sea Mermaid look! Hope you like Ella 😊