How to Create a Medication Reminder in Qcard

by Qcard App

Lets create a Qcard to remind you to take your medication every morning at 7am.


Step 1

Tap the "+" to create a new Qcard. TIP : you can also ""shake"" your iPhone to create a 'Quick Reminder'.

Step 2

Tap "Quick Reminder" (used for 1 step reminders like, take meds, call Tom, water the plants, take out garbage, water is boiling, my pet is outside, pick up the kids, pay a bill, etc...

Step 3

Type "Morning Meds" in the description field (if you take several meds, type the name of the medication & dosage instead). Tap "in 60 Minutes" to set the alert time for this Qcard.

Step 4

Select tomorrow at 7am and tap "Done"

Step 5

Alert time now displays "Tomorrow at 7:00am". Tap the 'repeat' button

Step 6

Choose "Daily" and tap "Done".

Step 7

You can choose to stop repeating this Qcard at a certain 'end date', but in this example tap "Never" to allow this Qcard to repeat daily, forever.

Step 8

Repeat options now displays "Daily" and "Never". Tap "Save" to create this Qcard.

Step 9

Your "Morning Meds" Qcard is created and appears in every day.