How to Create a Marquee Egg for Easter

by Milagros C Rivera

Make a marquee egg from simple craft supplies and some recycling!


  • Piece of pattern paper 12x12
  • Recycled packaging fir structural support
  • Prima lumies
  • Prima leaves and flowers
  • Paper trimmer
  • Glue and scortape
  • Score board
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Print an egg shape trace and cut mine is 11" tall

    Step 2

    Find a piece of packaging to which you will attach the egg cut

    Step 3

    Mine is almost 36" long when glued together

    Step 4

    Use strong double sided adhesive I'm using Scor tape

    Step 5

    Cut three 1" X 12 inches long score in the center you will end up using 30 inches total

    Step 6

    Fold in half

    Step 7

    Cut in zig zags this will help with the contour of the egg

    Step 8

    Adhere to egg

    Step 9

    At the very end trim and glue together

    Step 10

    Now you have depth and a border to adhere

    Step 11

    Add a piece of tape to the full circumference

    Step 12

    Adhere to your outter chipboard I'm so loving my sides. If you can't recycle a pretty packaging like I did you can always add paper to cover it up!

    Step 13

    It stands and it's ready to get some pretty!

    Step 14

    I want to add some shine so the lights will be adhered to the back

    Step 15

    Make a hole from behind to thread the Lumies

    Step 16

    I always turn my lights in to see how it will look

    Step 17

    I decided to secure them in place with the tape

    Step 18

    View from the back

    Step 19

    Begin the fun add your blooms!

    Step 20

    See how pretty this turned out!

    Step 21

    Now my Easter table setting is complete! Look me up for more ideas