How to Create a Laundry Task in Qcard

by Qcard App

Lets create a 3-step Guided Task to help us start, follow through and complete our laundry.


Step 1

Tap "+" to create a new Qcard.

Step 2

Tap "Guided Task" to create your laundry task.

Step 3

Name this Guided Task "Laundry"

Step 4

To avoid re-creating this Qcard again, tap the "Star" to instantly add it to your 'Favourites'. Now tap the 'Alert Cell' to schedule a reminder to start your Laundry.

Step 5

Lets remind ourselves tomorrow at 1:00pm to start our laundry.

Step 6

To begin building a sequence of timed steps, tap "Add Step" to create our first step in our Laundry Task.

Step 7

Type "Load the washing machine" as Step 1 description, tap "Set Duration" and set it to 10 minutes.

Step 8

Lets attach a list to step 1 to remind us to "add soap", then tap "+" to add the item.

Step 9

Don't forget to "add the fabric softener"

Step 10

Lets add Step 2 - tap "Add Step"

Step 11

Type "Washer is done. Load the dryer" as Step 2 description. Tap "Set Duration" and set it to 50 Minutes.

Step 12

Add a list item "Add bounty sheet" and tap "+"

Step 13

Lets add our final step, tap "Add Step"

Step 14

Type "Dryer is done. Fold your clothes" as Step 3 description. Tap "Set Duration" and set it to 40 Minutes

Step 15

Tap "Save" to save your Laundry Task.

Step 16

Your Laundry Task is now scheduled to remind you tomorrow at 1:00pm.

Step 17

The next time you do laundry, slide out your 'Favorites' tab and...

Step 18

... select your Laundry Task.