How to Create a Labyrinth

by Karen Richards

A labyrinth is a path, one way in, one way out. These designs have been used for centuries as meditative devices. Create a mini version to help you center your mind a inspire you to focus.


  • Journal or paper
  • Pencil and eraser
  • Marker
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Draw a plus sign about 2 inches x 2 inches long. Then draw the additional lines and dots shown.

    Step 2

    Number the lines and dots as shown. Begin to connect starting with a curved line connecting one to one.

    Step 3

    Next you'll be connecting the 2s drawing a curved line from right to left.

    Step 4

    Now connect the 3s going from left to right.

    Step 5

    Now the 4s.

    Step 6

    Continue with the fives, sixes and sevens, always circling over the top.

    Step 7

    Finish with the eights to complete your labyrinth design.

    Step 8

    Adjust your pencil lines before the next step.

    Step 9

    Go over all pencil lines with a fine tipped permanent pen.

    Step 10

    Erase the pencil marks. I wanted the labyrinth lines a little thicker so I went over them with a fatter marker.

    Step 11

    Add a border.

    Step 12

    Doodle patterns.

    Step 13

    Add some inspiring words.

    Step 14

    Now take a fingertip journey. Gently follow the labyrinth into the center focusing only on the path. Pause in the center then follow the path back out. This little journey can help you get centered.