How to Create a Home Made Soft Box

by Leanne Goh

This is a simple guide to making your very own soft box at home!


  • 1 Box
  • 1 Scissors
  • 1 Glue
  • 5 Tracing Paper
  • 1 Pen
  • 3 Torch lights
  • 1 Prop to be displayed
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    These are the tools you'll need to make a soft box. A box, tracing papers, blade or scissors, glue and a pen.

    Step 2

    Mark and draw lines on 3 sides on the box to be cut.

    Step 3

    After cutting, it should look something like this.

    Step 4

    Measure and cut 3 pieces tracing paper according to the parts you have cut on your box.

    Step 5

    Now stick the tracing paper on the inside of the box. This acts as the light filter.

    Step 6

    Cut two more pieces of tracing paper for the remaining two sides that were not cut out & stick them onto the cardboard surface so as to not reveal any cardboard surface.

    Step 7

    Now, place your prop for display in the box,shine the three torch lights through each side of the light filters and you'll have your very own home made soft box!