How to Create a Handmade Card

by Swirlydoos Kit Club

How to make a Handmade Card using the Swirlydoos Kit Club April Kit, Purple Haze.


  • Swirlydoos April Kit
  • Blue Mist
  • Lavender Mist
  • Doily
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Begin to build your card. Cut a 10"x5.25 piece of cardstock. From pattern paper cut 4.75" x 5.25" and 3.75"x 4.5". Distress

    Step 2

    Here is some trim that came in the April Main Kit.

    Step 3

    Dye with Blue Mist to better match the card. Crinkle and let dry

    Step 4

    Spray a 4"doily with lavender and blue mist. Let dry

    Step 5

    Begin layering your papers. First the 4.75"x5.25" in on top of the folded cardstock

    Step 6

    Next layer the 3.75"x4.5" piece on top with foam dots

    Step 7

    Step 8

    Adhere the doily to top.

    Step 9

    Gather all your yummy embellies.

    Step 10

    Tie the ribbon to the card

    Step 11

    Begin layering your embellishments. Be sure to tuck the embellishments between layers.

    Step 12

    Now add all the pretty flowers